Therrestra Group

We are dedicated to design, construction and supervision of tourist, residential and commercial projects, both in the Dominican Republic and in the Caribbean.

We are the philosophy of a group of engineering and construction professionals, inspired by our founder, to work with a high sense of proactivity and commitment, to deliver effective and cutting-edge results. At the beginning of each project we deposit all our talent, adaptation and trust, our DNA, at the service of tourism, residential and commercial investments in the Caribbean, which demand speed, quality and excellence in every detail.

We have a workforce of more than 300 employees, generating more than 6,000 direct jobs in the region. In addition to operations on these islands, we are also registered as a company in the United States, Sint Maarten and Aruba.

Our Talent

Our collaborators are our main asset.

We have a highly trained team of professionals who work with a broad sense of commitment, driven by passion and service. Our particular model is based on delegation, as the maximum expression of trust, preceded by the strategic vision of our founder and our management team.

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Talent Policy Therrestra

At Therrestra we continually invest in the training of our employees. We are the meeting point for these more than 300 professionals driven by passion and innovation, causing our projects to be recognized for their speed of delivery, quality and excellence in every detail, which is our main objective.

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Excellent Engineers

Therrestra's Excellent Engineers program has a series of tactical actions aimed at reinforcing our position as a benchmark company in the Caribbean in terms of Talent, an essential tool for achieving its overall position as an effective, fast and excellent company in every detail.

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"Benchmarks in the development of tourism, commercial and residential projects in the Caribbean."

"Benchmarks in the development of tourism, commercial and residential projects in the Caribbean."

Therrestra Group


We have a team of highly trained professionals who work with a broad sense of commitment, driven by passion and service.


We display our talent from the moment our clients place their trust in us.


We guarantee continuous monitoring at each stage of our service, to deliver quality results, with excellence and speed.

Management team

Ing. Hugo Pérez Ovalles

He is the founder and current president of the Therrestra Group. Hugo has a track record of more than 20 years of experience in the construction sector, focusing on the management, direction and execution of hotel projects at a national and international level.

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Ing. Ramón López
Managing Director

He is currently in charge of the General Management of the Therrestra Group. Engineer Ramón López is a business strategist with more than eighteen years of experience in the development, execution and administration of projects.

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Lcda. Lissette Baez
Administrative director

 Her skills, capacity and knowledge in the areas of accounting, finance and tax law make Lic. Báez a key player in managing and supervising Therrestra's economic and financial resources in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean.

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Ing. Carolina Ureña
Financial Manager in Jamaica

He is characterized by his broad sense of responsibility, honesty, proactive spirit, determination and focus on achieving business goals. Since her incorporation, Carolina has been a faithful spokesperson for THERRESTRA.

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