Excellent Engineers Program

The program EXCELLENT ENGINEERS of THERRESTRA It is an articulated response to the philosophy that has existed within the company since its first steps. The program has a series of tactical actions aimed at reinforcing THERRESTRA's position as a benchmark company in the Caribbean in terms of Talent, an essential tool for achieving its general positioning as an effective, fast and excellent company in every detail.

The actions that are carried out are the following:

- Framework agreement with the two main universities of the Dominican Republic in terms of engineering: INTEC and PUCMM. This agreement proposes:

  • Facilitate the incorporation of the best records of engineering students from both educational institutions. They could choose in the medium term to be part of the Therrestra staff, accessing intrinsic advantages, such as access to training complements or high-level postgraduate scholarships.
  • To develop joint initiatives such as the launch of the THERRESTRA EXCELLENT ENGINEERING DAYS, a type of job fair co-developed or sponsored by the company together with the University. To be developed in depth with both universities.
    EXCELLENT ENGINEERS Award to the best ENGINEERING end-of-degree project.

Creation of the Therrestra School of Engineering:

Agreement with INTEC and PUCMM for the provision of extra theoretical training from the real world of the construction company by Therrestra's Executive Staff, headed by Hugo Pérez Ovalles.

- Budget in EXCELLENT ENGINEERS for training complements or high-level postgraduate training scholarships for collaborators who are already part of the THERRESTRA staff.