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Let's discover together the scope of perfection.
Nothing has been by chance, every step, every moment lived has transformed us into what we are today.
17 years working for excellence. Thanks
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TH Award for Tourism Excellence

"This First TH Prize for Tourism Excellence is aimed at a natural person. A person who, where others saw land... he saw a development. This First TH Prize to Tourism Excellence is for you, wherever you are, Don Pablo Piñero". - Hugo Pérez O.

María Encarna Piñero, CEO Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Piñero, received the award on behalf of her father.
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TH collaborators

Dominicans in Jamaica Independence 2022

Let's toast for 178 years being a free, independent and sovereign country.

Long live the Dominican Republic!

#GrupoTherrestra #IndependenciaNacional

Merit of Excellence «TH»

Stephany León - TH 2021 Excellence Award.

We awarded the TH 2021 Excellence Award. ✨ For the third consecutive year we awarded outstanding Engineers and Architects who have completed their studies with Educational Credit.

"What we do
for ourselves it dies with us, what we do for others and for the world remains and is immortal ”.

Albert pike
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Social responsability

Inauguration of the Therrestra Laboratory of Construction Materials and Soil Mechanics - INTEC.

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Projects in Execution

Ocean Coral Spring by H10 Hotels - Montego Bay

Fulfilled projects

Ocean Eden Bay by H10 - Stage II

Exceeding standards with excellence and passion! Proud to complete another great project with the perfection that characterizes us.

#JunTHos we build the future of tourism.
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