Therrestra talent

• Therrestra has very low turnover rates. That is because talent occupies one of the most important chapters of Therrestra, which represents a philosophical pillar of the company from where we develop teamwork around innovation under a continuous inspiration of trust that Hugo Pérez Ovalles started in his day delegating to your first engineer. Today we are more than 200 who share that philosophy.

• Therrestra continually invests in training for its employees. It is the meeting point for these more than 200 professionals driven by passion and innovation, causing our projects to be recognized for their speed of delivery, quality and excellence in every detail, which is our main objective.

• Therrestra is today perceived by all its audiences (collaborators, suppliers, investors, clients) for its speed or on-time delivery, quality and excellence in details because it invests decisively in talent, delegating and placing all its trust in highly trained and contracted personnel previously under a certain intuitive component that is personally directed by its CEO, Hugo Pérez Ovalles. Speed, quality and excellence is no coincidence if you invest in more and highly trained personnel in an environment where bureaucracy is not an impediment, given the accessibility of management. It is simply what our business model is based on.

• A high commitment, a high integration with the collaborators, who are the architects and protagonists of a corporate culture that we consider our main intangible asset. This internal commitment has an external impact on clients through the continued expression of their trust.

• The name “happy company” is a direct consequence of the internal application of a very important talent policy at the corporate level. We are not talking about employees but about collaborators in whom we place trust, continually adapting to the needs of clients and, through that talent where they put all their passion and innovation to the test, they provide results close to criteria such as speed, professional quality and excellence in details.