TH Award for Tourism Excellence

As is tradition, Mercado Magazine dedicated its December issue to highlighting the Entrepreneurs of the Year.

In the 2021 edition, it has been decided to honor the businessmen and large entities that represent the Tourism Sector of our country, highlighting the commitment and significant contribution during the most difficult circumstances that brought with them the unexpected situation of the pandemic in the past year .

Grupo Therrestra by the hands of Ing. Hugo Pérez Ovalles, had the privilege of awarding Don Pablo Piñero the "TH Award for Tourism Excellence" during the Recognition Act: "Entrepreneurs of the Year | 2021 », Allies to the Tourism Sector.

«This First TH Award for Tourism Excellence is aimed at an individual. A person who where others saw a piece of land… he saw a development ”- Hugo Pérez Ovalles

María Encarna Piñero, CEO Chief Executive Officer of Grupo Piñero, who received the award on behalf of her father.

"This First TH Award for Tourism Excellence is for you, Don Pablo Piñero, wherever you are ...". -Hugo Pérez Ovalles.

Author: TH Comunicaciones team


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