Eng. Hugo Pérez Ovalles building the road

From Moca to the world!

On numerous occasions we have talked about sacrifices, about struggling, about studying and preparing to build a path of success in business. Hugo Pérez Ovalles, president and CEO of Grupo Therrestra, tells us precisely the path he has built based on sacrifice, studies and unparalleled experiences.

His journey begins in a small cabinetmaking workshop, where, as the youngest, he managed to realize that he was different. Then with a mega effort he reaches university, where knowing that he was different, he realizes that he is capable. Able to, despite not having the same basic conditions, not only level with the rest, but also achieve honors in the civil engineering career despite all the challenges he had along the way.

Hugo has managed to extrapolate this same attitude and sagacity to business. Starting small, without seeing hours of work or how much he was going to bill, he managed to accumulate an enviable experience. After these beginnings the rest is history.

Today, together with its Therrestra Group, it has a presence in more than 6 countries, more than 7,000 rooms built and more than 1,000,000 square meters built.

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Author: TH Comunicaciones team