INTEC Agreement

Therrestra Excellence Scholarship:

The Therrestra Company undertakes to cover the full scholarship for a master's degree in the area of Civil Engineering to a Civil Engineering student with limited resources and with one of the best rates of the year up to RD$500,000, each year, for a period of XX years (to be established with Therrestra). In order to give visibility to this donation, and in return for THERRESTRA, INTEC undertakes that the award will be delivered at the ceremony of delivery of the rings and, in addition, at the Graduation Ceremony, after mentioning the name of the student , the audience will be informed that this student is a winner of the THERRESTRA Excellence Scholarship.

RD$5MM donation for a laboratory:

The Therrestra Company undertakes to make a donation of RD$5MM for the Laboratory of Soil Mechanics and Construction Materials, for the purchase of equipment for said laboratory. This amount will be delivered on January 15, 2019, in a single amount. In return, INTEC undertakes to name this laboratory as the Therrestra Laboratory of Soil Mechanics and Construction Materials (Laboratory TH, in the material selection sheet).

In addition, a plaque will be placed in said laboratory indicating the name of the company, which will be unveiled at a press release event, together with INTEC authorities. The duration of this agreement will be 10 years. During this period, INTEC and Therrestra, also established under the signed Framework agreement, will maintain a close relationship of collaboration between both institutions.