"To school with Rotaract", is precisely a project that promotes education in our country. Education is the key to progress

Felices y orgullosos de haber formado parte del primer concurso artístico “Así Soñamos Espaillat”. ¡Gracias al Consejo del Plan Estratégico

Committed to children and the right of children to their development through play as part of their growth, we wanted

Yesterday we walked for the women in the 3rd. Walk “Women on the way to History”, in the city of

A few days ago sharing at the Annual Meeting of the Cancer Board, Club Recreativo, Moca. Offering love and hope

As part of our good relationship with the Educare de Moca school, with which we actively collaborate, we recently participated

At Therrestra we believe that a quality education is an education where teachers and students have the necessary spaces and

Committed to not only intellectual training, but also to the values ​​of young people in Moca. At Therrestra we have

At Therrestra we join the Tapitas X Quimio campaign, from the Niños que Ríen foundation in the Espaillat province. A

As a company committed to the leadership of people to promote social changes, from Therrestra we support the foundation "Impulsa

The second edition of the Rotary Corre race, the non-profit organization that supports social causes, is dedicated to our President

At Therrestra, our commitment is to be with those who work for social causes who seek improvement in those who

At La Isleta Correction and Rehabilitation Center in Moca, the inmates temporarily forget about their situation and seek their social

As part of Therrestra's social responsibility plan in Moca, we provide waterproofing materials for the Vocational School of the Armed

Therrestra, together with the deputy mayor of the Moca municipal council, Judith Valdez Guzmán, with, organized a motivational talk at

Our company presented the Award for Maximum Sports Excellence in the Espaillat province. The award was held through the Sports

As part of Therrestra's social responsibility in Moca, we have restored the children's room of the La Isleta Correction and

Architect Pamela Pérez, representing our company, participated in the Moca patron saint festivities, in honor of the Sacred Heart of