Our President, Eng. Hugo Pérez Ovalles, gave the talk “Entrepreneurship in the tourism sector” within the framework of the IV Interuniversity Convention of Civil Engineering, which seeks to improve integration among students studying this degree at INTEC University.

The engineer Pérez Ovalles, president of the construction company, developer and supervisor of tourism projects in the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, told the more than two hundred participants in the congress, his experience of more than twenty years in the construction sector.

Pérez Ovalles, who leads through Grupo Therrestra, important projects in the eastern region of the country and also in Caribbean islands such as Jamaica, spoke about the tools of efficiency and savings in construction, as ways to improve excellence at work of civil engineers.

“Efficiency and savings go hand in hand to build competitive projects that meet international standards,” said Pérez Ovalles.

About Grupo Therrestra

Construction company born in 2004 with the fundamental objective of providing construction services for civil works. It is dedicated to the design, construction and supervision of tourism, residential and commercial projects in both the Dominican Republic and the Caribbean, generating 4,000 jobs in the region.