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Category Archives: Sustainability

Therrestra Creating Children Smiles in Moca

Committed to children and the right of children to their development through play as part of their growth, we wanted to deliver toys to students María Yolanda Almánzar in Moca.

The center, located in the El Aguacate community, in the Canta Rana area, in the Moca Lagoons, has been partially remodeled thanks to our collaboration, something we are very proud of.

Also, we have delivered toys to the Don Ramón #Creandosonrisas ranch, an educational space for boys and girls from the age of forty-five and up to five years of age, which seeks to improve the quality of learning and cognitive experiences during their early childhood.

With this donation, at Therrestra we have wanted to highlight its good management and establish a relationship of mutual collaboration with the family and the community, in benefit of the services they offer. A contribution to promote the well-being of the boys and girls they serve, and make these Christmas parties a space of solidarity with the little ones.



Women on the way to history, in the city of Moca

Yesterday we walked for the women in the 3rd. Walk “Women on the way to History”, in the city of Moca.

We raise our voices to demand equal rights between women and men. We advocate for a society in which machismo and gender discrimination are eradicated. Making history while walking.


Annual Meeting of the Cancer Board, recreational club, Moca.

A few days ago sharing at the Annual Meeting of the Cancer Board, Club Recreativo, Moca.

Offering love and hope to those warriors who have fought so hard. Thanks to all the people who, in one way or another, are part of this cause. Happy Holidays!


Therrestra participates in a meeting at the Educare school in Moca

As part of our good relationship with the Educare de Moca school, with which we actively collaborate, we recently participated in a meeting at the academic institution, where we shared with its teaching staff.

During the activity, the director of the center, Olga Espaillat, stressed the importance of this school as an engine of training and values ​​since 1999, when it first opened its doors, with a promotion of twenty students.

In the last Educare class, we awarded a scholarship to the student with the highest academic excellence, with an academic year at the PUCMM, in Santiago. That as a way to boost talent and academic achievement, something we are very proud of, because it is part of our DNA.


Therrestra helps with structural improvements for the María Yolanda Almánzar Educational Center

At Therrestra we believe that a quality education is an education where teachers and students have the necessary spaces and infrastructure to give and receive teaching. For this reason, we have wanted to contribute with the structural improvements of the Maria Yolanda Almanzar Educational Center, in the El Aguacate community, in the Canta Rana area, in the Moca Lagoons, so that they have more space and can serve more boys and girls, according to the needs of each grade.

Currently they teach 150 students at the primary level and have two mobile classrooms where seven grades operate in the multigrade manner. Hence the need to build a specific space for Third Grade students.

At Therrestra we have provided cement, rods, gravel, sand and blocks to make this new teaching unit a reality and a symbol of hope for the youngest of this Moca community.


Therrestra supports the development of school games for the training of students in Moca

Committed to not only intellectual training, but also to the values ​​of young people in Moca. At Therrestra we have supported the Corozo Polytechnic to make possible the assembly of its school games and that it will favor the 902 students that the school houses, since it teaches from the seventh grade to the end of high school

In that sense, at Therrestra we wanted to share their Corozo 2019 Sports Week with them, an event that exemplifies how the joint effort achieved achieves great objectives. Its extended shift has 17 deaf-mutes who, supported by personnel trained by INFOTEP, are integrated through sign courses. They also work to train police officers in sign language, so that they can deal with deaf-mutes in the event of a situation in the streets or avenues.

To go from high school to polytechnic, Corozo has had to diversify its curricular offer, but always based on integration. In the library, dressmaking, crafts, painting and sign language workshops are given, while next to it there is a music school and another classroom for the practice of judo, Olympic wrestling, taekwondo.

Basketball, volleyball, badminton, baseball, and softball are taught in sports venues. Pedro Paulino said that classes are also offered in areas such as electronics, robotics, informatics, tax and administrative management, sociocultural animation, therapy.


Therrestra collaborates in program to help cancer patients

At Therrestra we join the Tapitas X Quimio campaign, from the Niños que Ríen foundation in the Espaillat province. A project that seeks to collect millions of plastic caps from bottles and containers, so that they become resources with which to help in the treatment of cancer patients.

Our priority is to be able to reach 4.5 million caps at a national level to collaborate with those children’s charities that focus on some of the oncological conditions that affect the pediatric population.

The plastic caps that are collected will be sold to a company to exchange them for cash, RD $ 10 pesos a pound, to support chemotherapy.

To give visibility to this campaign, from Therrestra we have donated an iron heart, which serves to let people know about this project and in this way, want to get involved when participating in it.


Therrestra boosts leadership in the Dominican Republic

As a company committed to the leadership of people to promote social changes, from Therrestra we support the foundation “Impulsa Tu Liderazgo RD”, a non-profit entity dedicated to teaching, training, instructing and educating young people, in the study and development of personal leadership, in rural and urban areas.

In this sense, at Therrestra we were present at the event, YOUR TRUE STRENGTH, which took place in October, as part of the Global Youth Initiative global event organized by TheJohn Maxwell Team worldwide.

During this activity different actions were addressed such as giving orientation in the attitude of new approaches to failure, creating awareness of a positive self-image, personal character as a key to success, as well as learning to add value to others.

A conference team certified by the John Maxwell Team was in charge of facilitating these conferences in the Moca sports center, in which approximately 2,000 students participated.

A Leader is the one who knows the way, follows the way and shows the way. ~ John C. Maxwel

Av. 27 de Febrero No. 345 Tel. 809-566-7379 / 809-978-1646


Second edition of Rotary runs dedicated to Hugo Pérez Ovalles

The second edition of the Rotary Corre race, the non-profit organization that supports social causes, is dedicated to our President Hugo Pérez Ovalles and Therrestra.

“Hugo Pérez Ovalles was the one who believed in this project and strongly supported us to make this great activity a reality, which today we present its second edition. Hugo is a young entrepreneur and visionary who through his company has contributed enormously to the development of the country’s construction sector ”, remarks the entity on its social network.

The race to be held on October 20th, calls for runners who want to travel ten and five kilometers respectively in favor of the eradication of polio in the world. Participants in this race will depart from the Moca sports center at 7:00 am and will visit Villa Heroica.

Rotary is an international nonprofit organization that seeks to foster community development.




Therrestra participates in the Annual Dinner of the Board of Trustees against Cancer of Espaillat

At Therrestra, our commitment is to be with those who work for social causes who seek improvement in those who need it most. For this reason, we participated in the XVIII annual dinner of the Board of Trustees against Cancer of the Espaillat province, an activity that was held at the Moca Recreational Club.

We are convinced that drawing attention to the rise of this disease and taking the necessary measures to prevent it, on the one hand, and adequate treatment, on the other, is essential to create a committed social conscience.

The funds obtained in this event will be used entirely to strengthen the program of the Board of Trustees in favor of cancer patients with limited economic resources in Moca.