About Us

THERRESTRA is a managerial modern group dedicated to offering services of engineering and construction, integrated by highly qualified professionals who are employed at equipment and who chase the excellence as common aim.

Our philosophy of work is orientated to the total quality, the constant improvement, the innovation and the satisfaction of the client. Our Group was formed at the beginning of 2004, with the fundamental aim to provide services of project construction with the highest quality and professionalism. We devote ourselves to the design, construction and supervision of tourist, residential and commercial projects both in the Dominican Republic and in the Carib.

The company is executing projects in Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Saint Lucia and is registered in Sint Maarten’s islands and Aruba. Nowadays, THERRESTRA uses more than 250 professionals and 4,000 national workers and internationally.

THERRESTRA ” Makes Real Big Ideas ” and pledges in achieving the satisfaction of the clients being based on the offer of a reliable service on the project management of construction. It is characterized for assuming constructive challenges of effective form across the constant improvement of the processes, the fulfillment in time with the deliveries and the faithful fulfillment to the technical specifications established by the client.

THERRESTRA relies on the experience and participation of its competent personnel, teamwork, leadership and the allocation of technical resources necessary for project execution, thereby guaranteeing the project requirements of all interested parties will be met.



To ensure efficiency and quality in the design, supervision and construction of projects, satisfying our clients’ needs and expectations, with a team of competent human talent for process optimization and the compliance with the established deadlines.



To become the leading construction company in the National Market and the Caribbean, with the highest standards of quality and fastest execution, offering our clients’ the satisfaction and security that guarantees their investments.



  • COMMITMENT: To honor our obligations with responsibility, exceeding our client’s expectations.
  • PUNCTUALITY: Absolute compliance of the established deadlines.
  • QUALITY: To guarantee the quality of the services we provide to our clients.
  • PROACTIVITY: To take initiative to develop effective solutions for our clients’ benefit.
  • TEAMWORK: Our team work in synergy with the common goal of achieving excellence in every project undertaken.